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Monday, June 2, 2014

Keepin' It Weird in Austin

So I am back (finally!) to share all the juicy details of our Texas Vacation! Texas was a fun trip, mostly because neither of us had been there before, so it was a completely new experience, and we saw a lot of cool things that us Midwestern folks in Illinois don't get to experience everyday, like giant cactuses and wild dolphins in the bay. I'm going to probably just do one post for each of the main cities we stayed at on our trip: Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi and Houston. So hold onto your cowboy hats, because first up is Austin, TX.

We actually drove all the way down to Texas and back, so we logged several hours on the road (too many to even count!), and almost 3,000 miles total. But we actually are weird people who kind of enjoy road trips and seeing cool things along the way. So why not! The first day we drove all the way down to Austin and stayed there for the night. Which meant that we had the next morning to explore around Austin a little bit before we headed to our next stop, San Antonio. We had to choose just a few things we wanted to see in the city since we didn't have too much time there.

Since I had been researching online what kinds of things we could see and do in Austin, I found that there were a lot of cool murals and artsy things there. So I knew I wanted to see a couple of the murals, since that would be something that wouldn't take up too much time, and is totally free.

We saw the adorably awesome, "You're My Butter Half" mural, which I had to get a picture with Trent in front of. It was kind of harder to find, but totally worth it! It's at 2000 E MLK Blvd if you are interested.

We also saw the popular, "Greetings from Austin" Postcard mural, which is on the side of a funky art gallery called Roadhouse Relics. We didn't have much time so we didn't go inside, unfortunately!

The mural was so cool, though. The colors were really vibrant, too, since it had just been restored last year. A perfect photo op if you are in Austin.

We had to each get a photo with this baby!

We decided to spend most of our time in Austin exploring Congress Ave., where there are a lot of cool shops and cafes, and you really get a feel for the city. There is so much personality in all of the buildings, signs, plants, and so many people walking around and hanging out on this street.

We didn't go into too many of the shops, but my favorite was a place called Uncommon Objects. It's a vintage / antique store, and has the BEST stuff. So many antique stores you go into have a lot of "junk," but this one has so many cool, unique things.

I loved the selection of old letterpress blocks, and all of the gems and seashells. I ended up getting a couple of vintage sand dollars and a shiny geode, which are all now in my living room. :)

Planning two weddings now (mine and my sister's) I kind of wish I could go back and pick up a few of those milk glass vases. Adorbs.

So many cool treasures here.

Of course they are proud Texans down here!

There were a lot of knick knacks and little statues (and, ahem, ceramic animals) that I really wanted to take home.

Anybody live in West Virginia? There is a cool map for you.

We ended our time in Austin eating lunch at Doc's, which was right on Congress. If you're visiting, it's the place with all the red umbrellas!

It was a gorgeous day outside (and Mother's Day!), so we ate outside on the patio.

The food was good. I had a portobello veggie sandwich.

Then it was off to San Antonio, where we spent two nights! I'll be back with a fun post from there. We definitely did a lot! In the mean time, I've already started on my wedding binder to keep myself organized throughout the planning process, and I'm helping Haley with her decor at the same time. The weather is awesome outside right now though, which makes me want to spend every moment outdoors. What to do! Can't believe it's June already, and Haley's wedding is next month! It's getting real!

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