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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Engaged Life: So Far, So Great

It's been well over a month now since we got engaged in Texas. So I thought I'd do kind of an update post on how the planning is coming so far, and what I've been busy doing since we've been "back to reality"!

When it comes to wedding planning, we don't have much finalized as of yet. All I have now is lots and lots of ideas. Pinterest is my best friend right now! I've started a wedding binder and have collected tons of ideas. I've even started my registries and have a guest list down. I've ordered samples of Save the Dates and Invitations, and tomorrow we are planning to visit one of our possible ceremony/reception venues. We've decided that we want it around August of next year, but don't have a definite date yet.

We want a pretty small wedding with just family and close friends, and I don't want a big wedding party. We want an outdoor wedding in the QC area, and I would like the ceremony and reception to be at the same place. My colors are going to be pink, peach, coral, and mint, and I love big blooms for flowers. Here are a few images I've found on Pinterest that I love:

(find these on my Pinterest here, here, and here)

Even though I love peonies, they will pretty much be out of the question in late summer, so it will most likely be English roses instead, which I am ok with! And I want a cupcake tower rather than a big cake. So...I definitely have a clear idea of what I want. I just have to put it all together. :)

With Haley's wedding coming up in less than a month, we're kind of waiting on finalizing things until hers is over, since we're still finishing up all the details for her wedding. I've been helping out on a lot of things along the way for her wedding and can't believe it's almost here - in just a few weeks! After hers is over, I think we'll really start kicking our wedding planning into gear.

We just had her shower last weekend which turned out really well! Her "cupcake cake" was really cute, and I think she loved the present I got her! It was this monogram burlap wedding date print from Etsy, customized with Haley and Dan's names and wedding date. I just got a frame for it at Michael's.

July 19th is the big day!  Then I have a feeling I'm going to be busy planning Trent and I's wedding for the next year or so! But I am still really excited to dive into things. The first month has been pretty much stress-free as far as planning goes! We'll see what I'll be saying 10 months from now... :)

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