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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Shelves, and the Missing Keys

Trent has been so busy this week with his birthday, the Cubs game, and working...that he lost his work keys today and we spent a good chunk of the evening looking for them. We found them by the way, but he would lose his head right now (well, most days) if it wasn't screwed on. So needless to say, he's had very little time to work on the shelving unit for the bedroom this week. But I do have some in-progress pics to share.

These are from the other night (can't remember when - my days seem to be running together too for some reason). Saleen decided she wanted in on the action too, so you'll see her mug in a few pics.

At this point, he was still connecting all of the larger pieces to form each individual "cubby hole" as I like to call it. He used dowels and wood glue to attach all of the sides together.

I shared a picture of Saleen on Instagram and Facebook the other day, along with the photo below. I think Trent is pretty pleased at how his first shelving unit building project is going so far. I have to say I'm pretty impressed, too! 

Here he's putting the trim pieces up to see how they'll look when they are all attached. There will be trim pieces (about an inch wide) in front of all of the edges, to finish things off more and make it look cleaner and a little more polished.

It's not finished yet - still needs trim, some light sanding, stain, and the back, but all of the sections are now in place and it's starting to really come together. Just for fun, once all of the glue was dry, we took out all of our new bins and stuck them on the shelves to see how it would look.

It's coming out just like we pictured, and I think once it's finished, with trim and a dark stain, it will look pretty awesome in the bedroom.

Lord knows we are in need for some storage for Trent's clothes..especially since those keys that he lost....were in his piles of clothes!! Go figure! :p

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