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Friday, April 18, 2014

My New Cactus

We have a new addition to the living room. It's my new coral cactus!!

I had one at work on my desk and thought it was so cute. I love its pink edges. And it's actually pretty easy to keep alive. It only needs watered about once a week. So I finally decided to get one for myself.

It was about $15 at Lowe's. Its home right now is on the side table. I kind of like it there. It brings more color and life to the room.

I've also switched out some of the accessories for more colorful ones:

And I brought my flower pillow back down from my office.

I love the pink for spring / summer.

And love my new coral cactus. I just need to think of a name for her. :)

Update: This coral cactus was not meant to live inside our home in Illinois. She died shortly after this post. I believe her death was caused by over-watering. It was a slow, sad death. R.I.P. Coral Cactus - 2014-2014.

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