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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Latest Frame Arrangement Update

As of a few days ago, our living room frame arrangement looked like this:

Then this past week, I picked up one of John and Sherry's adorable Bee hooks at the only and only Target (And posted about these hooks here and here). When I was getting it out of the box, I noticed this cute description of why they chose to make a bee-shaped hook. Love these guys:

Anyhoo, bees don't necessarily have any special meaning for us, but I thought it was so cute, that even though I don't need any hooks at the moment, I decided to get it to support my favorite bloggers, and thought it would be a cute addition to the frame wall.

So here is the newest arrangement going on in the living room. And I know, I know...who puts a hook in the middle of the living room? How random. But, we already have hooks for our coats and keys, and I DIY'ed a necklace holder with plenty of hooks for it will be on display in the living room for us to enjoy. And if anyone has any ideas as to what could possibly hang from said hook...I'm all ears.

Just the adorable-ness of it is good enough for me.

One idea I have is to hang a few skeleton keys from some string...maybe 3 - one for me, one for Trent and one for Saleen...

It's always a work in progress, so who knows!

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