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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Target Shopping and a Rug Story

Oh my, I really need to start posting more. This past week was much nicer weather-wise. It actually felt like spring this week, and all the snow melted. But now today, there's another fresh new blanket on the ground. Story of this winter, completely.

On to more exciting things, though. I went shopping at Target twice this week. The first time I got some cute shirts and some new earrings. No photos of those, unfortunately. But I got some good deals on them. The second time I decided to check out the home decor selection, since there were so many sales going on this week. I snapped a few photos of my favorites!

The baskets below were super cute, and on sale. I actually spotted these the first time I was in Target this week, then went back the second time and there was only one left. I was completely thinking about buying one, but I just don't think I have a place for one right now. A shame! Can't remember how much they were on sale for, but they were a good deal.

I don't usually go in the kitchen aisle, but I do every once in a while just because Target has the cutest kitchen stuff. And the selection of cookie jars (of all things) was super cute this time around. And they were also on sale.

Too bad I don't really need another cookie jar. And I already have something similar to this one on top of my fridge:

I also thought this print was adorable but don't have a place for it:

It would look really sweet in a nursery or kid's room though, and there was only one left of this particular print in the store. The framing and matting is even cute.

I didn't end up picking up any of those items, although it was fun to browse a little. It seemed like they were clearing out all of the old decor and getting ready for the new spring stuff! They also had all the new patio furniture out - totally wish we could get some new ones this year. I have a feeling we'll be busy on other projects, though - of the structural and kitchen-renovation types.

So what did I end up getting? This rug, which was on sale for $11:

The old one was looking a bit tired, and I thought the green in it would match the kitchen perfectly.

These aren't the best photos, but I'm glad I did take photos. Because about 10 minutes after I set the rug down, it looked like this:

I had taken Saleen outside, and apparently it was quite muddy out there! She hadn't been inside more than two minutes and had already destroyed my brand new rug.

I know it's just dirt, but I say "destroyed" because I mistakenly tried to get the stain out with some multi-purpose cleaner that happened to have bleach in it. So a stain that I could have gotten out by throwing my machine-washable rug into the wash, I made 1000 times worse with bleach. I did end up putting it into the wash, and it's drying now. It doesn't look horrible, but there is a bleach stain or two now. SO, it's still usable, but needless to say, my beautiful  new rug ended up lasting about 10 minutes before it was ruined! Live and learn....

I'll have another post up tomorrow about our weekend fun - St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow! Don't forget to wear your green!

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