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Sunday, March 9, 2014

My Birthday Weekend

So Thursday was my actual 26th Birthday! I didn't do too much this weekend, Trent and I just went to Applebee's for dinner Thursday night, which was really yummy. My strawberry mojito was amazing, and we got pretzel bread with beer cheese dip for an appetizer.

It also happened to be "Trivia Night", so Trent and I decided we would join in just for kicks. This was my first time doing a trivia night, and it was pretty fun. Although, we didn't do too well compared to the other teams there, who were actually pretty serious about it. People go all out at these things, and there were teams of like 10 people. Taking into account that it was only Trent and I, I'm pretty happy at how our team, TDubbs did.

Even though we were so full with our appetizers, drinks, and main entrees, I also got a free dessert for my birthday, which I didn't eat until the end of the night so I could make some space for it. So we kind of ended the night with food comas, and the trivia night lasted quite a while, until 10:30 maybe..So since it was a week night we were both pretty tired the next day.

I still had to work Friday and even yesterday, so I was happy to relax today. I got a lot of laundry and dishes washed this weekend...and, I won't lie...even the occasional Hallmark movie watched. :)

It's also starting to kind of feel like spring! Finally! Today was Daylight Savings Time, and tomorrow I think it's supposed to get into the 50's. Super excited, and hope it stays that way. I have a few ideas for blog posts so when I have some time I'm hoping to get some fun ones written this month. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Update: I forgot to post what Trent got me for my birthday:

1) Cupcake wine, 2) Safe Haven on blu-ray, 3) an owl necklace, 4) a Target gift card, 5) A cookie cake (yum!), and 6) Vanilla bean ice cream. He did good. :)

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