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Monday, March 3, 2014

Early Birthday Celebration

What a crazy weekend! First the Mallards game Friday, then Saturday night I celebrated my birthday a little early with the family. Of course, we got another snow storm Saturday night into Sunday. I'm going to say again that this is probably the worst winter weather-wise in history! I'm so over it. It's supposed to be March! Today the low was -12 degrees here, which broke the all-time record low set in 1884! It's actually supposed to be around 40 degrees by now. Will it ever warm up?

Back to this weekend though. Saturday night I decided to go to Azteca, one of my favorite Mexican restaurants to celebrate my 26th birthday (which actually isn't until Thursday) with my family. It was a really fun time. Margaritas..burritos..even cake! How can you go wrong?

Mom and Dad were both there, although I accidentally forgot to get any pictures of Mom! Oh well!

Haley and Dan also both go to join us. And they brought a yummy cake....

It was as delicious as it looked (we actually still have some here leftover - better get on that!)

But the highlight of the night was perhaps when I got to sport this lovely sombrero...

Totally should have knew it was coming, but I was hoping they would just skip it all. Haha. The waiters sang in Spanish and I could feel everyone looking at me. Really embarrassing! But then they brought me a tequila shot and that seemed to make everything a little better.. ;) Ha!

Anyway I'm looking forward to my actual birthday this week. Hoping it's not as cold and miserable as the weather has been lately, and hopefully Trent and I can go out somewhere nice!

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