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Sunday, February 9, 2014

This Week: Luke, Olympics, and Painting

Oh my, what a week it's been! I felt so exhausted by this weekend - luckily, I finally got to sleep in and it was fabulous. I worked everyday, including yesterday, and Thursday night Trent and I saw Luke Bryan for the fourth year in a row! I can't believe this was our 4th time seeing him - true fans, right here! This time really was the best yet. I mean, he came out on a truck, surrounded by fire, singing "That's My Kind of Night":

It makes for a really fun concert when you know EVERY single song, and can sing and dance along to all of them! I also LOVED his stage setup this year. We were in the upper bowl, yet had no problem seeing him - the stage was in the center, and there were multiple big screens that were curved so you could see them at any angle.

One day we'd like to be on the floor or get Meet and Greet passes, but it was still a great time.

Yesterday it snowed AGAIN. The roads were not the greatest, but we made it through. I went to work in the morning, then took my car in for an oil change, and then we got groceries and ran some errands in town.

This morning I slept in (yay for sleep!) and watched a little bit of the Olympics on TV. Couples ice dancing, to be exact. It was really cool to watch. Figure skating is one of my favorite winter Olympics events. Below is the Russian couple who danced to Swan Lake. Her dress was gorgeous - supposed to symbolize the Black swan. The dance was beautiful, and they did amazing.

I also really liked the American couple, who got first in the dance competition. But the Russian couple ended up getting the Gold overall. Canada got silver, and USA got bronze.

Trent and I watched Sochi's opening ceremony Friday night, and I actually thought it was really cool. They told the history of Russia through video sequences and dances. I loved the ballet and all of the projections onto the floor. I plan on tuning in every once in a while to watch some of the other events this week.

I also dusted the living room, and spent some time with my current paint by number painting today while Trent was at work.

I'm making progress, but there is still a lot left to do! It's hard to not want it to just be done already! My eyes end up hurting from painting in all of the little sections everywhere. In other news....I really want to start a countdown for the first day of Spring. Who's with me??

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