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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Water Sign: Pisces Inspired Decor

It's that time again! Last month I started a monthly post series on astrological inspired decor. It's been really fun scouring the internet for decor inspired by each sign of the Zodiac. Last month's post was Aquarius inspired, but this time it's all about Pisces! I'm excited about this one, because this is my sign! 

Since I'm a March birthday girl, I already know all about this sign, but to write this post I did do a little more research just to get my facts straight! According to, Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20) is a Water sign whose symbol is two fishes. Pisces is known as the dreamer of the Zodiac, and like water, people born under this sign are said to "go with the flow." They are intuitive, sensitive, and artistic.

When it comes to decor - fishes, watery blues and aquas, curvy lines and a dreamy, calm feel is what comes to mind with this sign. Furniture with curvy lines like waves in the ocean also seem fitting, as it is of course, a water sign. Style at Home says that a Pisces prefers blue and green hues with lots of natural light, open windows, and art to fulfill her creative side. Here are some of my Pisces inspired decor picks:

From top to bottom: 1) Fish art from Joss and Main 2) Ceramic wall art from Etsy 3) Gurgle pot from Amazon 4) Kyoto pillow from Serena and Lily 5) Nestor table lamp from Joss and Main 6) Goldfish decor from Zgallerie 7) Waterway art from Serena and Lily 8) Tufted club chair from Wayfair.

And here is a room that I think fits the Pisces style - a bright and sunny sunroom with sea blues and beachy accents:

I have to say I love this look and have several beachy and tuquoise-y accents in my house! Must be the Pisces in me? :)

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