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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Snow..Snow..and More Snow!

Does it ever stop snowing around here? My week hasn't been too eventful - We were planning on going to the Cities today - I had an appointment to get my oil changed, but mother nature had different plans! I had to reschedule for next weekend due to the 4+ inches of snow we got overnight. And it's still coming down out there this morning. Really don't feel like driving over 45 minutes in it! 

Here's the road in front of the house - see it anywhere? Yeah, me neither.

I guess it's another snow day for me, staying home, watching movies and painting by numbers.

In other's the first day of February. Who's watching the Superbowl tomorrow? Ok, that was probably a stupid question. Everyone in America I'm sure, haha! Although I kind of just watch it for the commercials. ;)

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