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Monday, February 17, 2014

Snow Dump Before the Big Warm Up?

Ok, so I didn't plan on doing a weather-related post today, but it's quite frankly the only thing on my mind, and I don't have much else to do, so here's my weather/rant post of the week! 

So I, like probably all Americans living in the Midwest or the Eastern U.S., am SO tired of the snow. Today we probably got at least 4 more inches added on to the already several inches we've had on the ground for the past two months! Here was the forecast this morning...

I actually attempted to go to work today. I started on my way down the interstate, until I just decided to turn around and head back home! I couldn't see anything, the roads were being covered more and more as I was driving..then on my way back home, it felt like I was in a snow tornado! Snow was flying at me, then it started sleeting. Thunder began soon after. Needless to say, I stayed home the rest of the day and don't plan on leaving the house anytime soon.

On a lighter note, I saw this photo on Facebook today - I can't remember what page it was from, but I thought it was funny, and very appropriate -

I can't even count the number of snowfalls we've had this winter, or the number of days it's been below zero. But our weather channel predicts that we'll be starting the warm up this week, with temperatures reaching around 40. I've never been more excited to see 40 degree temperatures in the forecast before.

Trent actually made it in to work today, and this was his truck as he was clearing snow off to leave:

For a summer loving girl, this kind of stuff is hard to take. I can see many Americans packing up and leaving Illinois to move to a warmer climate as we speak.

Here's hoping the weather warms up soon like the forecast says....THINK SPRING everyone!

Update: They are now saying this is the snowiest winter on record, and we're expected to get rain soon when the weather warms up. Looks like the snow will be turning to slush! :/

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