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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Currently Obsessed: Katie Daisy

Yesterday I shared a small painting I did with one of my favorite Dave Matthews Band quotes. It is a really simple painting, and not nearly as detailed as those I drew my inspiration from. Those would be the paintings of Katie Daisy, which look more like this:

In short, they're amazing. And I'm currently obsessed with them. I first discovered her paintings on Pinterest, then saw them on Young House Love, and earlier this year, I ended up getting a Katie Daisy calendar for the kitchen, which I love looking at every day.

I love all of the intricate detail she puts into her lettering, and all of the whimsical flowers she adds. She takes simple quotes and turns them into works of art. I love how cheerful and happy they are.

It is no wonder she is only in her twenties and is busy illustrating for magazines, greeting cards, and so many other ventures. She also sells prints on her Etsy shop, The Wheatfield.

Love, Love, Love them all! I found all of these images by searching on Pinterest. You can visit her blog here, or watch a really cool video here about how she finds inspiration. It really makes me want to illustrate more quotes onto canvas!

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