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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Texas, Anyone?

I'm really slacking on house and decor related posts around here, but there hasn't been a lot of work done on the house lately. I think we're scared to do anything until the foundation is completely fixed, which we'll be working on constantly this spring and summer. We want to make sure the house is completely level and then gut the kitchen. 

In the mean time, Trent and I have been talking about where we want to go on vacation this summer. The Dave Matthews tour dates came out this week, so that was the basis of our decision, as it has been the last few years. Is there something wrong with basing your vacations on where Dave is playing? Ha. True fans, I tell ya. Anyway, I was set on going to Colorado this year, and was hoping they would be playing at the Red Rocks. Well, no Red Rocks on this tour! :( We said we're going to wait to go to Colorado until they play there again. So we're waiting. 

Right now we're about 90% sure we're going to....TEXAS this year!

Dave is playing 1 night near Houston - the first stop on the summer tour mid-May, and neither of us have been to Texas, so I convinced Trent that this was where our next vacation is going to be! He wanted to go to the 2-night Chicago show, but...CHICAGO? We go there every year at least once. It's time to go somewhere different for a change. So I think our vacation will be Texas this year. Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi...we're thinking about doing a loop down the southeastern part of the state. Time for another long road trip! Those are the best kind.

I'll hopefully be back with some decor or crafty related posts soon. I've been way too busy lately that all I want to do when I get home is relax! And think about vacation plans. :)

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