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Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year's and 2014 House Resolutions

Why, hello! Happy New Year! Better late than never, right?  Well New Year's was a good time this year. We went to Trent's sister's again and there was plenty of singing and dancing and all-around tom-foolery to go around.

I took down the Christmas decorations on New Year's Day. It was sad to see the tree go, and not to mention weird (isn't it always crazy how there's so much extra space once the tree is taken down?)

I took this as an opportunity to vaccuum, clean and rearrange the living room. So there's a bit of a different look in there now, and actually, the furniture is kind of back to how it was arranged a couple of years ago. We brought the Target storage bench back into the room (it was sitting in the bedroom not being useful), and pushed the two side chairs together again. I have yet to take updated pictures, but that's on my list to post soon!

In the mean time, here's a few "House Resolutions" that we hope to get done this year. I'm sure we may gravitate away from this a tad, but these are the main things I think we want done asap. we go!

2014 House Resolutions:

1. Raise/level the living room.
2. Fully install the baseboard in the living room (only been waiting about 3 1/2 years for this to get done!)
3. Kitchen foundation / leveling / gutting / renovation (that's a mouthful, and encompasses a bunch of work!)
4. Organization - clothes storage in the bedroom, and starting on the closet and pantry. 
5. Walkway in the front yard.

I was going to list more than that, but I don't want to get too lofty! I think those five things alone are enough work to keep us busy the whole year. What to do you think? :)

P.S. - We've gotten so much snow so far this winter that I've almost forgotten what grass looks like. And -11 degrees this morning, not even with the wind chill? Can I please move to Florida already?

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