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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Living Room, January 2014

It's a new month, a new year, and guess what...I rearranged the living room again.

It's not much of a difference, I just did some pillow swapping, and the side chairs are now pushed back together again.

I couldn't help it...don't they just make the cutest couple?

We decided to bring the storage ottoman back into the living room, where it could actually serve a purpose again. It wasn't doing much in the bedroom with Trent's clothes stacked in piles on top of it.


That meant that this little guy who was living in that same corner.....

Would return back to his former home.

Don't think I won't bring back the colorful pillows when spring/summer rolls back around. 'Cause I totally will. But right now I'm sticking with mostly muted colors for winter.

I did, however, find a place for the Emily Rickard pillow that Trent got me for Christmas:

Now there's a nice little pop of color we can admire while we watch TV.

The couch hasn't changed much. Same spot. And it's still sporting those lovely ruffly pillows I got from TJ Maxx this winter. I love them! Notice my new owl vase, also a gift from Trent, that's sitting on the floor in the corner. See the little guy? Still have to decide what I want to do with him in regards to a more permanent location.

And the award for cutest couple goes to..... :)

I think I may keep this arrangement for a while. I like the two chairs next to each other by the couch, since we don't have a lot of seating in here, so at least it feels like we have a little more seating, until we can get some kind of bench or love seat or something more in here.

It is a small space, but it is cozy and intimate, and I think it's all we need.

It's been fun to see it evolve, especially since we started out here - (Gutting the room in 2010, to 2011):

And here's where it's at now in 2014...

I know I've said it before, but it is still my favorite room in the house.

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