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Friday, December 20, 2013

Saleen, The Cookie Bandit

So, remember those delicious peanut butter kiss cookies I made last weekend? Well, just in case you hadn't heard yet, the night after I made them, somebody was caught red-handed eating them all!! 

She looks so innocent, doesn't she? 

I had 2 whole plates full of cookies - around 30 or so. And being the second day that we had said cookies, Trent and I had only enjoyed a few of them. Of course I left them on the table with some plastic wrap draped over them. And when I walked into the kitchen...Miss Saleen had eaten one whole plate full, along with probably half of the other plate. Leaving us with maybe 5 cookies total.


So glad I made those cookies just for her! She's ok, by the way. Never got sick from cookie overload, fortunately! We were pretty mad, though. Remind me to always put the cookies into the cookie jar RIGHT AWAY next time!

(Wanted poster made here.)

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