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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Night out at TSO

Thursday night we saw TSO (Trans-Siberian Orchestra) live! We were debating about going, then decided just to buy the tickets because we really wanted to go, and I wanted to see them perform The Lost Christmas Eve. I listen to their music every Christmas, and how often do you get to see something like that?

We were pretty high up, but we could see the entire stage and could even feel the warmth from the fire on stage!

We both really enjoyed it. The lights, lasers, and fire all went along with the music, and it was really cool. It told a story, almost like a musical, too.

Here is one of the videos that Trent took on his phone:

You don't really realize how talented those people are, until you see them perform all of the songs live. One girl was a really good singer. I told Trent she would definitely win American Idol. :)

It was a fun night out. I'm glad we went!

We got another round of snow last night, so Trent was out for a few hours this morning shoveling and snow blowing walkways and people's driveways. I plan on spending the weekend watching Christmas movies, crafting, wrapping presents, and baking cookies (yes, I said baking). I'm not leaving the house!

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