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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Let There Be Lights!

We got tons of snow today...the first major snowfall that has actually stuck. We went bridesmaid dress shopping for Haley's wedding earlier, and let's just wasn't too fun driving! But...all is good now - we're home all warm in the house watching ABC family Christmas movies, and Trent finished putting the lights up outside!

This year Trent lined almost the whole roof with icycle lights. And he was VERY excited about it. Don't ask me why... I think every year we're going to add more and more lights until our house resembles the Griswalds'. I'm telling you.... I aspire to one day have a sleigh with reindeer on the roof.

Here's the view from the street corner:

We put the reindeer in our new plant bed this year. Last year they were in front of the house. We also decided to put a string of lights on each of the small bushes out front. I'm already thinking for future years we need to light up that little tree in front of the house, then maybe the bushes on the side of the house. But just future plans, of course! :)

And just for fun... Google has a new feature called Auto Awesome that takes your photos and makes the lights "twinkle." Check it out:

Isn't it purdy? :) If only they "twinkled" in real life! Oh, and I have some crafty projects going on that I need to work on and share pronto! Hopefully I will have them done soon....

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