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Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Porch (And Foundation Update)

Our front porch is all decked out for Christmas! We're not quite done decorating the outside yet, but Trent got about half of the lights up today - on the porch side. Even though it was freezing, he finally got around to getting some up. And you can kind of tell in this picture too that the roof in the front is slanted now, from the foundation work. Trent needs to fix the porch columns to make them level. A spring project!

We need to borrow Trent's brother's extension ladder to get the rest of the lights up on the other side. Will share when it's finished!

I love me a little glow of the Christmas lights - can you tell I'm a fan of the white ones? All white lights = my jam.

And on to the subject of the foundation - they called us back and said that they had actually intended on charging us that 10% (roughly $600) that they took off of the final amount when they were finished and I had paid what we thought was the final amount! They told us that we had a remaining balance of $600 so they were going to work something out so we didn't have to pay it. They said since they forgot to do the waterproof membrane and fill in the cracks..and for all of the trouble we went through, they were just going to call it even. Really? now we're even more fed up with the whole situation. We didn't get any more money back, and they're not fixing anything. So what is the next step? That's what we have to decide!

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