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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Some Sentimental House Art

This morning, I had an itch to do something creative or draw something. I've been looking at all of the home portraits online, and was especially inspired by Sherry's cute DIY house painting she shared on Young House Love last week. Since I don't have any canvases lying around, I just decided to draw on a piece of paper. And I drew our house:

It turned out pretty decent, so I hung it up in the living room. I switch out these frames like crazy, and it's always fun to try new photos and pictures up there.

I like that it's understated and sentimental. It's also a nice way of marking our 3 year anniversary of living in this house together.

It kinda makes you want to get up closer to see it better since it's so light.

In short, I like it a lot. And it only took me a couple of hours or so, so it was a nice little project. I'm hoping to pick up some small canvases next weekend and paint some things. Not sure what I want to paint this time, but I'm ready to experiment some more and be creative.

Oh, and I haven't put up my Christmas decorations yet, despite everyone around us starting to get theirs out already it seems! I've almost always waited until after Thanksgiving I think, so I'm continuing in that tradition this year. (Even though I've been watching plenty of Holiday movies on Hallmark and Lifetime already, and have been itching to get started on my Christmas decor and projects..ha.) I'm still waiting. :)

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