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Sunday, November 17, 2013

My LAST Foundation Post for a While

So I feel like I have 0 time to post anymore. And we haven't had much going on with the house for the past week or so. I felt like I should share the latest on our foundation problems, even though it has to be the most boring thing ever. So this is going to be my last post about the foundation for a while. There might be one or two every now and then if we have any new developments, but since the weather is getting colder and we probably won't be able to do much until spring, I doubt there will be much in the way of big foundation news going on. Plus, I am ready to start Holiday decorating and crafts. I am already itching to put up our Christmas tree, but I've decided to wait until after Thanksgiving again. *cough* the day after *cough*. Doesn't mean I can't start crafting, though right?

Let's get to the latest on the foundation, though. Below are some photos Trent took when he got into the crawl space to check everything out. These are basically a few mistakes that he found, which he sent to the company who worked on it.

These first few photos are blocks that were left unmortared:

One example of why we feel like they were rushing the whole job.

Here's the corner of our front porch where it meets with the side of the house. They left it like this. The corner broke off of the porch and they lined the wall up with it instead of bringing the wall out to where  the side of the house actually was. So we're left with a big gap in the middle, which they just filled with dirt.

And for the final photo, this was the board that Trent was trying to tell them was rotted, and the screws that they put in were not even connecting the boards together. You can see a huge gap in this picture, too.

It's safe to say that the foundation people probably aren't coming back to fix any of their mistakes, so we're going to have to fix everything in the spring, I'm sure. Next year will most likely be full of fixing foundation and structural issues, ripping out the kitchen, and redoing it. I hope we get our kitchen renovation done next year :) That would be nice. But for now, I'm just going to try not to think about the foundation issues and start concentrating on the Holidays and happier thoughts. In other words....My next several posts will hopefully be unrelated to the foundation. :)

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