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Monday, November 4, 2013

Foundation: Back to Work

They were back on the foundation today. The crew came later this afternoon after Trent got home from work. Trent was finally able to talk to one of the supervisors about our concerns, which we think helped put our minds at ease a little bit and got us back on track. Trent was also able to talk to the guys in the crew and get through to them EXACTLY what we wanted to happen. He signed a paper today that said that they were going to try and raise the kitchen side of the house. Finally! It was a good sign too, that the charge on the paper said $0.00. I hope they don't charge extra for raising the house, since that's what we wanted in the first place!

Since the guys got here late today, they were only able to work for a couple of hours. But they started raising the house a little bit at a time, and we think they've raised it around an inch or so. Not a whole lot of progress, but good news is that they'll be back tomorrow morning around 8 am. Bad news...Trent won't be there, and neither will I. I'm hoping all goes smoothly! They said they were going to keep watching the inside and making sure everything is good as they raise it. 

Here is what the foundation looks like today:

And here's what it looked like before they rebuilt the whole wall:

Once they get the house raised up, they'll finish the wall completely and then backfill all of the dirt. I came home today as they were still raising it a little bit and it was a little scary being in the house while they were working on it! You could hear some kind of a cracking sound...they told us that walls might crack and we told them, go ahead and do it, since we're going to be ripping out the whole kitchen anyway! We know that we're going to have work to do once the foundation work is done, but the important part is that we'll have a place to start. Hopefully things will be more level and easier to work with. I hope they can raise it a couple more inches....we'll see what happens tomorrow!

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