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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Another Foundation Update

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Just popping in to share a quick update on how the foundation work is going. And, well, we haven't had any work done on it this week. The crew was supposed to come back to finish up on Friday, but we've gotten a lot of rain this week, so we got a call from the office saying that they weren't going to be back until Monday. Trent talked with the lady over the phone expressing some of the concerns we still have (like making sure that the kitchen will be raised when it is finished). She said she would talk to the guy's supervisor and he would contact us. We've been playing phone tag with him and are still waiting to hear something.

I hope things will turn out well and we won't get any extra charges to do something that we thought was already going to be done.

Right now we still have a "construction zone" in our yard. I am really hoping by the end of this week our kitchen will be straightened out and the wall will be finished.... And things will be better than where we started!

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