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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Our Pumpkins Through the Years

Happy Halloween! Hope yours is a SPOOKY one. Mwahaha! Oh...who am I kidding. I will be working today, then handing out candy for the little kiddies tonight. So scary, I know. On another note, I cannot believe this will be Trent and I's 6th Halloween together. Seriously, I had to recount like 3 times. So I thought it would be fun to go back and reminisce a little, and show our pumpkins throughout the years.

I don't think we carved pumpkins together in 2008. This is the only picture I have from that year, and it is the pumpkin Trent carved. It's a special one, because it was for his Mom. I remember him sending me the picture message. She was extremely sick at that time, and unfortunately passed the day after Halloween - November 1 of that year. Janice loved Mickey Mouse, so this pumpkin was Trent's small gesture to make her smile. I'm sure she loved it.

In 2009 we carved pumpkins at my house at college. Cubbies themed, of course! Mine is the top one (I still remember screwing up on that letter B), and Trent's is on the bottom.

In 2010, we carved pumpkins in "our house." I hadn't officially moved in yet, but we had already fully gutted the living room and were rebuilding it, and were just about to start on the bedroom. We carved them in the empty bedroom. I had a cold and my nose wouldn't stop running. My pumpkin is of course the cat, Trent's is the headless horseman. Check out the picture of the porch - the green door, the new posts that hadn't been painted yet, the absence of the porch railing, the old motion censor much has changed!

By 2011 we had been living in the house together for almost a year. We had a little Halloween photo shoot with our pumpkins in the living room. We used the camera timer and everything. No big deal.

Last year I got a little creative with my pumpkin and went with the spider theme. It turned out pretty awesome, and creepy. The things you can do with just a few plastic spiders and a hot glue gun...

And of course this year we went a different route, and instead of carving our pumpkins, we drilled them! I got to use a hand drill for the first time EVER, and it was actually pretty fun. I think they turned out awesome. You can see the play-by-play of how we did them here.

All in all, it's safe to say we've had some pretty fun and memorable pumpkin carving sessions together over the years. So which pumpkins do you like the best? I have to say this year's might be my favorite, just because they're so different, and I didn't have to try and perfect my knife carving skills (which kind of suck).

Happy HOWLoween everyone!

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