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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Our Fall Porch 2013

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend. Today I'm sharing our front porch all decorated for fall! All the summer flower pots are gone, and it's time for pumpkins and fall mums!

I've really been trying to water the mums as much as I can but they seem to be having a tough time. Not sure why! They've been looking really "wilty" for the past couple of weeks but are still hanging in there!

Almost all of the paint has peeled off of the porch floor, which I think we first painted a few years ago - maybe the fall that I moved in? It's in need of a new coat of paint, or something different like stain or tile maybe...but we might have to wait until next year since it's getting colder now. Another thing I can't wait for is to get a new front door. Once the foundation is fixed, I'm sure we'll have many little projects like this to complete...

On to other topics, though....Do you think we have enough pumpkins? :) We got them all from the pumpkin patch at my grandparents' house. They are huge this year! Although there are a couple of fake "imposter" ones in the midst - That white ghost pumpkin and my "welcome" pumpkin in the wooden crate. You can see how I painted it here. A really simple little project!

You can really see how bad the cement floor looks here....makes me want to redo it pronto. Anyone have any tips? I'd hate to redo it or paint it right before winter though..and then it peels off again!

Here's evidence we have been watering these things....

I like to have him do the work for me sometimes. Just easier that way. :)

Oh, and see those stone pavers in front of the flower bed there? We just laid them down temporarily to see what it would look like. I kinda love them, even though they will be set into the ground a little more once they're installed. It does make me excited to make a path that goes to the driveway. It will be a lot of work though and will take a lot more pavers! I think that's another project we might have to wait until spring for.

I really am liking our fall porch decor this year (despite that ugly cement floor of course!). You can see some past fall decor here. Oh yeah, and I'm kind of upset we missed the local Scenic Drive this year (a collection of tons of craft fairs, yard sales, and flea market-type of stuff). It usually takes place the first two weekends in October, and Trent and I were busy both weekends this year. Go figure. Maybe next year we'll make it back again!

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