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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mother Nature's Cruel Joke

This was my view at work today:

Yes, it's October. Yes, it snowed ALL DAY! And it was freezing. No one could believe it. Is this a joke? Wasn't it like 70 degrees last week?

Only in Illinois I guess. It would figure that the week our foundation is being done would be the week that it snows in October.

Here are the photos Trent took at his work:

Luckily the snow didn't stop the work crew from making progress on our foundation. They had the area all covered and were able to pour the footing for the foundation wall today. We're running the heat to help it dry quicker (plus, it's really cold in the house without it....)

I'm hoping tomorrow we have better weather. Or else I'm officially moving to Florida!

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