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Friday, October 18, 2013

More Foundation Prep Work

In preparation for our foundation getting fixed on Monday, the utility people stopped by again today and did some more marking of utilities in the yard. Not going to lie...our front yard kind of looks like an obstacle course now. It's getting real, people!

It's also making us a little more nervous. Who knew we had so many utilities around? These make for more obstacles to hit. I've seen HGTV and the DIY Network where they hit a line and it sets them back a day. Scary! We're hoping for the best, though! (10 points if you can spot Saleen in this picture).

Apparently the blue line is a water line, and the green line is some kind of sewer thing? I have no idea.

Trent talked to the guy again today briefly and found out that he will have to be home when they start Monday morning. We're planning on doing some prep work, like taking down my beloved dishes in the kitchen, and other breakable stuff. More to come this week!

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