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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Foundation Work: Day 2

Well, it's Wednesday. Yesterday was Day 2 of the foundation work on the house. And as you saw in my last post here, it snowed. Trent and I were both at work for the majority of the time the work was done yesterday. They were able to make progress by covering the whole area to protect it from the rain/snow. 

Here's a photo Trent took from underneath the house, through the crawl space/basement area:

They dug the old foundation wall out, then poured a new footing (the cement part), which the new foundation wall will sit on. The old footing was apparently pretty much gone, so they had to start fresh. The sill plate, which is what goes on the top of the foundation wall, also had to be replaced. These replacements cost us an additional $1500. Ouch. We were under the impression that those would be included in the original quote they gave us, but I guess they didn't account for those things. A little setback, but I'm trying to stay optimistic!

Here you can see the sill plate (on the top) a little better:

On the right is the temporary covering they built to shield the space from the rain and snow. The kitchen is above this photo. It is currently just being supported by a few jacks. We've seen a couple of cracks appearing in the walls, which is a little scary. But it's also kind of expected. I'm hoping they are able to raise the kitchen a bit and make it more level, but that is also a little scary! We'll see what happens today and in the next couple of days!

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