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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Our Saturday - Breakfast, Landscaping, and Date Night

Yesterday was a great day. It was Saturday, and Trent and I both had the day off. We stayed home most of the day, then went out last night. It was nice to spend the whole day together since we both work a lot during the week.

The day started by Trent making breakfast. He picked some bell peppers from the garden, cut them up and cooked eggs inside of them. Then stuck some fresh tomatoes inside. They were actually really yummy!

Check out these cute fall dish towels I picked up at Wal-Mart the other day:

There were a bunch of coordinating ones..they were only like $2 each. Once I saw the owl one I was sold. I didn't have ANY fall dish towels. I picked up three of them.

Yesterday morning was sunny, and we opened the windows and curtains. I love when the house is bright and sunny. I snapped some new living room pics.

Just some updated pictures, with a touch of fall decor. I am wanting to switch out my bright paintings this fall/winter with some more subdued pictures, but haven't decided what I want to use yet.

Yesterday afternoon we worked on the landscaping. We are THISCLOSE to being finished! We just have to pick up a few more supplies and we're DONE! I will post about it tomorrow, so stay tuned for landscaping pictures!

Last night, we had scheduled a "Date Night" to go out to eat, since it's been a long time since we've actually gone out to a nice restaurant. We were also going to go to a bar later or see a movie, but we were both pretty tired and the movie didn't start until after 10:00 pm. Trent had to work today, so we just ended up eating out at Biaggi's then going home. But it was fun!

I even got dressed up! And wore red lipstick and false eyelashes for the first time ever. It was kind of an experimentation process for my Halloween costume, since I'll be wearing red lipstick for that. So I thought I'd try it out. Plus I wanted to get dressed up all fancy. :) It was definitely different at first and felt really weird before I had done my hair and put my dress on. I felt like a drag queen. Haha! But with everything pulled together, it actually turned out pretty well!

I got some new sparkly heels, too. I rarely wear heels because I hate walking in them, but these were really cute so I had to get them.

Here's me and my hot date for the night! I felt like we were going to homecoming, because I was all dressed up and he picked me up at the door and everything. He didn't get dressed up though. He's not the dressing up type. SO... I let him wear a t-shirt. Ha.

Biaggi's was DELICIOUS. I got so full. I got the four cheese tortellini, and also wanted to get some Tiramisu for dessert, but by the time I finished this baby, there was no room for dessert whatsoever. Ha.

Trent also enjoyed his meal. I can't remember what he got. Some kind of pasta with shrimp!

All in all, it was pretty much the perfect day! We got to hang out all day at home and also get dressed up and go out. I'll end this post with a couple more selfies I took, because I had to document wearing red lipstick for the first time! :)


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