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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My 10 Favorite Things About Fall

Cool nights, bonfires, autumn colors in the crisp air....Even though I love the summer sunshine, flip-flops, and the care-free, warm weather of summer, there are truly things about every season that bring happiness. So continuing with my Fall theme this week, I present to you: My 10 favorite things about Fall.
#1 - Fall Decor
Fall wreaths, pumpkins, mums, everything that makes a house feel warm, home-y, and welcoming in the fall.

First image from here
#2 - Leaves Changing
I love when the leaves on the trees turn brilliant colors like bright orange and yellow. I took the below photo in London Mills, Illinois at the Scenic Drive in 2011. So pretty!

#3 - Halloween
Carving pumpkins with Trent...dressing up in crazy costumes...Halloween candy....need I say more?

#4 - Fall Scents
I love the fall scented candles and lotions, mostly because they are all yummy-food related. Cinnamon, pumpkin, Apple pie, Butter Rum....I could smell them all day.

#5 - Bonfires
Nothing like cozying up next to a fire in the crisp fall air. A great way to warm up at night. Add some hot chocolate and that just equals amazingness.

#6 - Breaking out the Fall Clothes
I'm not a fashion icon or anything, but I do like to rock the occasional scarf or sweater. And a new season = new clothes, right?

#7 - The Crisp Fall Air
I may be a summer girl, but sometimes driving down the road with a nice breeze coming in feels pretty darn good...when you're in a hoodie of course.

Image from here

#8 - Pumpkin Desserts
Love. Love. Love. Pumpkin pie. And pumpkin bars. YUM.
 Images from here and here

#9 - Fall Festivals (Scenic Drive and Brew Ha Ha)
I called this "Fall festivals" but it includes our local Knox County Scenic Drive, which I already mentioned in this post, and Brew Ha Ha, which is our local beer-tasting festival. I can't wait for Brew Ha Ha this year. It's always a good time. I think this should be their new slogan: "I don't always drink beer....but when I do, I do it at Brew Ha ha every September." 'Cause that's totally how I feel.


#10 - Fall Colors
You can't get a warmer, more inviting color palette then the palette that's all around you in autumn.

What are your favorite things about fall? Do you have the same favorites as me? Who has football on their list? Not I. :)

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