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Friday, September 6, 2013

Labor Day Weekend Antiquing Adventures

Happy Friday night! Unfortunately I'll be working tomorrow, so my weekend will be starting a little later. But I wanted to post my finds on our trip this past weekend, so here is a quick post before I call it a night.

First on our way to Missouri, we stopped at an antique store called "Yesterday's Treasures" in Good Hope, Illinois.

It was different than a lot of antique stores I've been to, because it wasn't separated into "booths" - it was more laid out like a huge yard sale in one big, open space. It was full of stuff though, and like items seemed to be grouped. I found myself spending too much time at the table in the back looking at bunch of plates...of course. :)

I ended up taking home two small plates:

The purple one was only $3.00, and the pink one was $12.50, but I loved it so much I splurged. :) Every once in a while you have to!

I love them, especially together. The pink and purple have a really vintage feel. More to add to my collection!

We also stopped at a bunch of shops in Jamesport, Missouri, which was an Amish town we hung out at for a little bit on our way home.

We spent at least a good two hours at antique stores, candle and gift shops, and even did a little wine tasting in downtown Jamesport. We ate lunch at a little family restaurant called Gingerich Dutch Pantry. It's a homestyle buffet / sit-down restaurant with a bunch of homemade goodies - it was really busy when we went! I think it might have been the only restaurant on that street! Either way, it was really good.

I snapped a few photos in the antique shops, but not too many since a lot of the people working at the shops were Amish and apparently it's against their religion to be photographed, so I was a little scared to take pictures the whole time! Haha.

One of my favorite antique shops there was called "Gas Buggy Antiques:"

I didn't buy much at these shops, but we did do a free wine tasting where Trent and I bought a couple of bottles of Missouri wine.

I also went a little crazy and bought a bunch of candles from the Jamesport Candle Co. - They had TONS of scents that smelled really Buttered Maple Syrup. YUM. I love scents that smell like food, what can I say?

Last but not least...I had to pick up a postcard for .50 cents at one of the shops. We saw tons of those horse and buggies.

Well, that's all for our Antiquing/Missouri shopping adventure. Hope everyone else has fun sleeping in tomorrow...I won't be! Ha.

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