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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fallifying the House

I've been a bit absent this week. No excuse, except that I've been all work, no sleep lately, as usual. I do have a bunch of things to share, though. This week I've been saying goodbye to the summer decor, and hello to the fall decorations. In other words, I drug the fall tote out of the closet and started spreading the fall love around. 

I hung the faux berry wreath on the door...

Conquered the very welcoming microwave table in the kitchen...

I even scattered those fake pumpkins throughout the living room again this year...(my gold antique store owl is a new part of the fall decor this year of course)

And who could forget my beloved candy corns scattered around the kitchen....

I've even started to decorate the porch for fall. Here's a sampling of what's going on this year:

I picked up some mums this year, for the first time ever! The yellow ones were $8 a piece at Lowe's, but I had to pick up the purple guy too, that was just $5. It's looking a little wilty in the leaves, but we gave him some water today, so I'm hoping it'll perk back up again. It's been 90+ degrees the past couple of days! So much for fall, right?

We have to do something about the porch floor  - see how chipped the paint from a few years ago has gotten? Yuck! But the mums help brighten things up a bit.

The yellow ones are so pretty.

More of our porch:

I got the strand of leaves from a craft store one year, and the owl lights I picked up at Target last year I believe. That's right, they're lights. I shall have to find a photo of them lit up with jack o'lanterns. Because I know I have one somewhere!

I love this sign - I think I also got it last year - maybe at Target too? I can't remember.

And of course the scarecrow, I call him Scaredy. We've had him a couple of years now I think. He's getting a little raggedy..his pants are being held up by a safety pin now. Keepin' it classy.

So there you have the start of our fall decor.. That's right, I'm not done! First things first - we need some real pumpkins!!

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