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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Creative Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

This is going to be "Get ready for fall" week on my blog, ok? I've just decided. :) Anyway, I've always loved carving pumpkins, ever since I was a little kid. But did you know they can look just as cute in other ways, like painted, or used as planters? I've been loving the painted pumpkins I've seen on Pinterest and the web. I may just paint my pumpkins this year! Ok, maybe I'll still carve one or two.. ;) Either way, I've collected some creative ideas for painting pumpkins, and even a few other ways to decorate them. Get ready to be inspired!

First up.....Fancy painted pumpkins!

I love these spooky and creative pumpkins from Hi Sugarplum! Very inspiring!

Black painted pumpkins with white lettering (from here) - I've seen chalkboard painted pumpkins, too!

Paint chevron or polka dot patterns for some pretty and stylish fall decor! (from here)

More painted pumpkin ideas.....

(from here and here)

(from here and here)

I love this idea. The photo above (from here) uses real pumpkins, but to prolong the beauty, you can use faux pumpkins from a craft store like Michael's. See the tutorials below by clicking the links. I might try this - it looks so easy and pretty!

(from here and here)

(from here and here)
I've always wanted to make this owl or this bear since I saw them a couple of years ago. They're just so cute! I especially love the Honey pot with the bear, and his stylish scarf. :)

I love Katie Bower's carved pumpkin owl. I am determined to try an owl this year!

(from here and here)
Monogramed pumpkins, whether carved or painted, would look charming on a fall porch.

(from here and here)
You've heard of a snowman, but what about a pumpkin man? Love it. And skeleton keys would definitely add some charm to any pumpkin decor scene. I love the "FALL" spelled out. So creative. Are you ready to start decorating for fall yet?

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