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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Striped Wall Inspiration

For a while now, I've been thinking it would be so fun to do a patterned wall in our house. I thought about the bedroom wall that we have our frames on, and also - the hallway. Since the hallway isn't finished yet, I definitely think we need to try a striped wall, at least on one side first, and if it doesn't work out, we can always paint over it, right? Anyway, until that point comes when we can finally paint it, I've been gathering inspiration on my dear friend, Pinterest.

So, here is a gathering of a few of my favorite striped walls from the web:

I love the look of gray and white stripes together. This room is so charming.

(from here)

A nice neutral greige color with white makes for a quaint, rustic little guest bedroom.
  (from here)

A more modern, fun take on stripes. Closer together and a bolder color creates a more graphic, youthful look. I think this would be great in an apartment entryway or a kids' playroom.
(from here)

More neutral stripes...probably my favorite combination is the white with gray or greige look.
(from here and here)

So dreamy as an accent wall in a master bedroom.
 (from here)

Striped walls can also be SO adorable in a nursery.

(from here and here)

(from here)

I feel like with the right decor, what may seem like a "loud" pattern can actually be really calming and soothing, especially if you use two really soft, neutral tones. Love me some wall stripes!

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