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Monday, August 19, 2013

Our Annual Wrigley Trip: Or the Trip That Started Out Good.

Hola! So we haven't had much time to work on house projects lately due to being really busy with work, and doing things like, oh I don't know, going to Cubs games! Yep, we had quite the busy weekend. We had our annual bus trip to Wrigley Field for the Cardinals/Cubs game on Saturday.

It's always a good time, but always a long and tiring day! I've been going with my dad on this bus trip since 2007. Haley and Trent usually go, too. We always start out early in the morning, stop somewhere for breakfast or lunch (this time we ate lunch at Portillo's), and don't get home until late at night. This year was by far the most interesting of them yet. But NOT in a good way.

The trip started out ok. We ate lunch and made it to Chicago - although there were a few scary moments when it seemed like the driver was losing control and had trouble turning in spots. We even talked about how the bus seemed really old and the driver said it was about 17 years old. It made us a little nervous, but we were mainly just excited for the game.

Since we arrived at Wrigley a couple of hours early, Trent and I headed down the street not too far to Goose Island Brewpub, a bar/restaurant that serves Goose Island local brews on tap. Trent and I both started out with Matildas - one of Trent's favorites but a bit too strong for my liking!

That didn't matter though, because I drank it all, like a champ! Ok, it took me a little long...but by the time Trent was done with his second, I had finally finished mine. Note for next time: Get the Sofie or the Cubby Blueberry! Both sounded good, but I was stuck with my way-too-heavy-and-strong-Matilda.

After we finished our beers, we checked out a shop that sold Cubs gear, then headed to the stadium for the game. I had so many snacks at the game! It was the only way I could enjoy my time, because watching the Cubs lose wasn't the best thing in the world. While waiting for the Cubs to get a hit, I had some peanuts, a large chocolate chip cookie, and Trent and I split some cheese and jalepeno-loaded nachos. No big deal. I also had a Bud Light, which was very refreshing after that God-awful Matilda Trent made me drink!

This was our view behind home plate. We were quite a ways up, but the view wasn't bad at all. I would really like to sit up in the rooftops sometime! We don't get to choose our seats for this trip though, since we have a huge group. Maybe sometime next year when we're by ourselves!


We had some fun at the game and all, but it was there that things took a turn for the worst! Not only did the Cubs get very few hits and end up losing 0-4, but we found out around the 7th inning or so that the power steering went out in our bus and they were bringing a new one. But we didn't know that we would be standing around for over two hours after the game waiting for it to arrive. They had to transfer all of our stuff - coats, snacks, etc. that we left on the other bus, to the new bus seat by seat. And drive all the way back to Wrigley to pick us up. We stood outside of the stadium until it was dark, watching some nearby locals play baseball in the fairly busy street in front of us. I have to say, that was the only real entertainment we had, and it was pretty entertaining. They were grown adults hitting plastic baseballs and sometimes hitting parked cars and pitching the ball OVER cars that drove by! While crossing guards walked by frequently minding their own business. Only in Chicago! Needless to say though, it was a LONG day, and we were extremely tired by the end of it. We thought we would get back home at 10:30, but it ended up being past midnight. None of us had the energy to stop anywhere on the way back either. Trent and I tried to sleep, but the bus seats weren't too comfy.

So anyway, that was our LONG and interesting Wrigley Trip of 2013. Here's hoping next year's is better!

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