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Monday, August 26, 2013

My Weekend

My weekend was wonderful. I stayed home almost the entire time. I finally got to sleep in, hang around the house, and get tons of cleaning and laundry done! Trent worked...and worked some more.  Which meant I had the house to myself the majority of the time!

Saturday morning before he left for work, we went out to the vegetable garden and picked some veggies for lunch. Here was our harvest for the day:

We had tons of lettuce growing, which is awesome for sandwiches.

And here is one of the watermelons we grew. I'm not sure of the variety that this one is, but I think it's a sweet red one, or something like that. We haven't cut into it yet, but I can't wait to see what it tastes like!

Trent made salsa using the tomatoes and some of the other veggies we picked. He also cooked up some veggies in pickle juice that was leftover from a jar of half-pickles I had. There were also carrots and other veggies left in the jar, so he mixed them all up for some pickled veggie goodness.

Here's our yummy finished salsa:

We ate it with tortilla chips, and I also made myself a sandwich with tomatoes and lettuce from the garden. I'm loving the yummy veggies!

After Trent went off to work I spent the day doing dishes, doing a few loads of laundry, and cleaning the house.

Saleen spent the day curled up by the air conditioning in the living room:

So glad I had time to clean, because it's so nice having a clean living room and kitchen!

I actually ate breakfast at the kitchen table yesterday, which rarely happens. Usually there's too much stuff on it. It's Trent's dumping ground when he comes home from work. Haha.

Last night Trent and I went grocery shopping after he got home. All in all, a productive weekend! find time to finish the landscaping!

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