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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Krylon Challenge

Have you heard about the Krylon Colormaster Challenge yet?

This isn't sponsored or anything, but I just stumbled upon this fun little challenge put on by Krylon spray paint, where you share your DIY projects that you've used spray paint for (Krylon or not), and they put together a cool little project page for each of the projects you submit. By submitting a project, you get entered to win $500 every week, or a grand prize of $2,000 at the end. You can submit projects until September 2.

I've submitted three projects already - My Bookcase Makeover project, My Wine Bottle and Mason Jar project, and My Wire Plant Stand Makeover. Every project you submit is saved to your "Project Vault."

I was surprised to go to one of the challenge pages and see my Bookcase Makeover project listed under the "Project Spotlight":

If you click on the link it goes to a page with details on how to complete the project (you submit these details when you submit the project):

Pretty cool, right? Better start submitting more of those spray painting projects!

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