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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dog Days

Today is a nice, sunny Sunday! So glad I get to spend the day at home today! Trent has the day off, so we're working outside. Pulled some weeds, now Trent is trimming the rose bush and some trees in the yard. I had to work yesterday, but last night we stopped by the bar in New Windsor for Trent's 10-year class reunion. There was only a small group there - about 7 people showed up out of around 30 or so. We had drinks and a couple rounds of shots, and there was some interesting conversation! It was nice to meet some of his former classmates, even if it was just a handful. It was a nice group, though. After the reunion, we parked out in the country and watched the meteor shower for a little while from the bed of the truck. We saw a few that were really bright and lit up the sky! It was nice staying up until 2 just hanging out and looking up at the stars.

Today we spent the morning looking at old yearbooks and Trent pointed out the people I met last night at his reunion. This afternoon, we had the hose out watering the flowers, so Trent decided to give Saleen a bath with the hose since it was so nice and hot out. I didn't get any photos or video of Saleen getting sprayed down with the hose (and shaking water out everywhere), but I did get some footage of her getting all sudsy with the shampoo!

She was being very good and sitting still while Trent got her all shampooed. I wish I would've gotten a photo of her splashing water everywhere and Trent ducking! She didn't like the getting sprayed part as much!

She's all nice and clean now! And I'm off to head outside and join Trent - We're doing some more landscaping today. In fact, I can hear him starting to till the ground on the other section now!

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