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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Life and Randomness

So glad I finally got to sleep in today! I had to go into work yesterday...But we still went to the drive-in for a double feature the night before! Ha. Yep, we got home at about 1:20 am or so, then I had to get up 5 hours later for work Saturday. So I was a little tired yesterday, but I got off a little early, came home, helped Trent weed the garden, then went for a dip in the pool and we went back home and watched The Sitter. And today I finally got to sleep in and was really productive! I cleaned the house, did two loads of laundry, washed a load of dishes, and dusted the living room! Now I'm finally relaxing. :)

I haven't had much time to go shopping and get some craft supplies I need, or work on a project in a while since we've been pretty busy the past few weeks. Lake Geneva, baseball game, golf tournament, drive-in...So here's a little photo dump for ya from the past week or so.

Went to the John Deere Classic last weekend (the local annual golf tournament). Technically you're not supposed to take pictures there, but we got a little sneaky with the cell phones!
It was a good time hanging out on the course - Trent had worked Security there in the past, so he knew quite a few of the security guards working there, and people from the college where he works now. It was a hot day, especially when we were walking around on the hills!

We took the picture below while the golfing was wrapping up for the day. We rode the whole course on a golf cart with another couple we knew, searching for the perfect photo spot :)

After a day at the golf course, we ate by the river in Port Byron at one of our favorite riverside restaurants called It's on the River. We hadn't been there for a while! It's a pretty view from the patio.

The next day we had free tickets to the River Bandits game. Even though it was another hot one, we tried to stay cool by hanging out under the roof. Of course we had to walk out by the river a little, though.

Friday night was the drive-in. It was pretty much perfect weather to watch a movie outside. There were chances of some rain, but for the most part it stayed away from us. Just a little sprinkle toward the end of the second movie. We saw Turbo and The Internship and liked them both.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend! Despite working yesterday, mine has been pretty good! Can't beat relaxation at home Sunday night after a super busy week. I'm hoping to go into town sometime this week and get a few craft supplies I've been wanting for a couple of projects. Hopefully I can get those done soon and post the results on the blog!

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