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Monday, July 15, 2013

House Update

Hello again! I'm back with some actual house stuff today! I actually have some new news about the foundation. As of a few weeks ago, we had gotten a quote to fix our foundation from one company that was ridiculously high. We had almost lost all hope altogether for getting the foundation fixed. And it's a really crucial step in the house improvement progress, because it's holding us back from doing a lot of things, like fully remodeling the kitchen, and even finishing the hallway. We're afraid to finish the hallway, because once the foundation is fixed and the house is level, it will just need fixed again. But anyway, the good news is that right before we left last weekend on our vacation, we finally got the second quote from a different company, and it was MUCH more reasonable. We're thinking we may even be able to do it around September. It will be so nice to have this done - that's one less major structural issue to deal with. We still haven't made any commitments yet, but I will update on what happens!

In the meantime, the front of the house is still looking cheerful with lots of flowers on (and around) the front porch. I snapped this photo right before we left on our Fourth of July weekend trip.

Looking at this picture reminds me of another thing I can't wait to do, and that is get a new roof! Our roof is way too old and too flat, and not to mention, it leaks pretty badly in the back! One issue after another I tell ya...

We haven't really been doing much with the inside lately. Right now our focus is on structural issues like the foundation, outdoor improvements like possibly a new basement door and planting some new bushes and plants on the west side of the house, and things we need to finish up before winter. So not really too much in the "fun" category, but they're things that need to be done. And saving up for the foundation getting fixed is of course our top priority at the moment.

So that's my little house update for today I guess! I have a few more little posts planned for this week..hopefully some more travel-related stuff, maybe a craft, some more garden stuff...we'll see what happens and how much time I have. :)

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