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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Garden Update, and One Giant Cucumber!

I'm happy to report that we're still keeping up the garden for the most part. Nothing has really died yet, which is always good. 

Roma tomatoes on the left and a watermelon growing on the right. 

Some vegetables haven't sprouted at all, I think because of planting the seeds too late in the season that they got taken over by weeds. But most of our vegetables are still alive and kicking, especially those that we bought actual plants of, that had already been planted and were sprouting.

One of these is our cucumbers, which are doing awesome! I had cucumber slices with my lunch the other day - we've had at least 4 ripe ones so far. Here's the biggest one we've found in the garden:

It was HUGE! As Trent was slicing it, he was like, "Look at these huge slices!" Haha. We couldn't believe how big this one was. 

We've had lots of tomatoes start to turn red already, too. I can't wait to get sweet corn starting to grow - the plants have started growing, but we planted those a little late, so I'm hoping they still make it, and that they taste yummy!

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