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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Garden and Patio Update

The week is almost over already? Crazy! I've been busy lately so haven't had much time for blogging, but I do have some more pictures to share and will have some legit posts up soon as well!

First of all, we're still keeping busy in the garden. I helped Trent pull weeds the other day, and here's an update of the plants that are still growing.

Below is Lettuce and then Cabbage below that. Those are the rows I weeded. :) The clusters you see in the photos are pretty much the only plants that sprouted, so we weeded in the area around the plants and left the rest.

The picture below on the left is broccoli, on the right is the jalepenos.

Our sweet corn (not very tall for late in the season, but we got started late. Don't know if we'll have much of a harvest. Ha.)

Cucumber harvest - we have way too many cucumbers and most probably got too big! There's no way we're going to eat all these...

Trent is trying to pick one of the carrots in the picture below. We have no way of knowing when the carrots are "ripe" as far as we we decided to try and pull one out and see. Haha. It ended up being a tiny orange carrot and it smelled really good and fresh! But we decided to quickly put it back in the ground and see if it would grow even bigger. A little experiment if you will. I'm excited for carrots, though!

Once again the tiny cayenne peppers! I have yet to try these, but we better get to making that salsa soon...

And some pasta sauce. Check out all of these Roma tomatoes! These things spring up like crazy.

Meanwhile, while Trent continued to weed the garden, I set up a little place setting on the patio table.

Saleen helped. Kind of.

A closer view. We need to get on with some new patio furniture and lay a new patio like pronto. But it's looking like next summer for that now, since the foundation is getting fixed in October.

Most likely the only outdoor project that is going to get done soon (I hope!) is landscaping the side yard (on the west side of the house). Just as soon as I get to Lowe's to get plants. I swear.

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