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Friday, July 19, 2013

Foundation News

Well, it's official. We're getting our foundation fixed! But the catch is that it's not going to be until October. Since the company we went with is pretty busy through the summer months, the guy told us that he'd give us a 10% discount if we waited until October. The guy was really nice and friendly and the project seemed a lot more reasonable than the other quote we got. This company is able to do everything - mortar work, rebuild...and it will probably take about 3 days or so. There's no set date yet, but we signed the papers and put the deposit down yesterday. We're really excited that it's finally being done! This means we can redo the kitchen - get new floors, cabinets, etc. I can't wait!

Tonight Trent and I are planning on going to the drive-in. I've been wanting to go all summer. We haven't been in so long. It's a double feature, Turbo and The Internship. Hoping for nice weather! It'll be nice to get out after working and watching Hallmark movies all week. Seriously, the Hallmark movie channel is addicting!

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