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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Vacation Jar Inspiration

Remember the little Vacation jar I made with the sea shells I collected from the East Coast last year? OK, you might not, but here it is:

Yep, that's just one little memento to remind us of our wonderful vacation in Virginia Beach, Wrightsville Beach, the Outer Banks, and Myrtle Beach. This year, we're just planning a small getaway to Lake Geneva. But - there's still a beach there! And this time I'm planning on picking up a mason jar and collecting some sand and maybe some shells and other items to put inside. I recently looked for inspiration from my dear friend, Pinterest. Here are some different variations I think are pretty cool for a "vacation memory jar":

(From here) I love the random souveniers like the plane ticket and the wine cork. I think it would be cool to put random items as keepsakes inside the jar. I have so many old ticket stubs and receipts from trips Trent and I have taken together that are all hiding away in a box. SO much better to display them!

(From Pinterest - found here) I really like the idea of putting a photo inside....And the twine...And I think labels are totally necessary. They're cute and they let visitors to your home know what the heck it is. Also, I'd probably be one to find a jar with a bunch of sea shells in it and think, "Where were these from again?" So labels might be nice in that situation. 

This one's from Young House Love. I'm sure this is where I first saw this idea. These two have been my inspiration from the start for all ideas DIY and crafty!

(Sources: Left, Right - found on Pinterest) A couple of more cute ones using mason jars. Simple shells and sand...sometimes that's all you need. :)

I cannot wait to make some more memories in Lake Geneva 4th of July weekend. And I will definitely be making another keepsake jar this year to help preserve those memories!

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