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Friday, June 21, 2013

Painted Pot and New Flowers

Happy first day of Summer! We've had an awesome week of weather (today not included - it's rainy here). This week has flown by, despite work everyday. Last night we ate vegetarian sloppy Joe's for dinner, and I took my first dip in the pool this year! Then I painted a flower pot, planted my new flowers, and watched the movie Wanderlust for the first time. (Hilarious!) But it was a nice relaxing night and the weather was perfect.

And surprise, surprise - I got more new flowers. Petunias of course! Those are the only things I can keep alive in my pots. :) Here they are before I planted them:

Here's how my clay pot turned out that I painted last night:

I'm always looking for new ways to add some bright color to the front porch! So this was a really easy project with a few cheap supplies I picked up at Wal-mart:
 The pot was under $2, and the bottles of craft paint were about 96 cents each I think.

I painted the bottom section with the more green color of paint, then decided to paint the top section with the turquoise color. I painted a little on the inside rim area, since that part would show a little bit once the dirt is in there. Of course it didn't have to be perfect, since the dirt would go almost to the top:

I think it turned out pretty spiffy!

Did you notice my little owl stake peeking out of that big blue pot in the center? I love that little guy! I got him at Target earlier this year. I picked up that bright yellow pot recently, too. It was under $2 at Wal-Mart.

So just another small ounce of color added to the porch this week. I'm hoping the weather is nicer tomorrow so I can head back to the pool :) Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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