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Monday, June 3, 2013

Our Laundry Room

Considering I stayed home all weekend and did four loads of laundry, I've kind of been thinking a lot about the laundry room the past few days. Our laundry room is on our "back porch" - a small, fully enclosed room on the back of the house, which isn't heated or air conditioned, and is not in the best shape either. It has a concrete floor and is painted red, which is not really my style at all. If I could, I would paint it a light blue or green, or even a sunny light yellow. But we're not really doing anything with paint in there until after we can fully remodel. I try not to go back there often (unless of course, I have to do laundry, or take our dog Saleen outside).  I haven't posted any photos of our laundry room yet, so I thought I would share a few on the blog today.

Mind you - the only pictures you will see are on the washer/dryer side, since the other sides are not pretty, trust me! This room needs to be gutted, like most of the rooms in our house. We have big plans, but for now, it's mostly storage and it's pretty much always messy. So for now, here is our pretty washer and dryer:
Our washer and dryer are both Samsung. We actually bought them as a set on Craigslist when I moved in, in 2010 - they were only a year old, still had warranty information from Lowe's, and had only been used a few times. They were pretty much as good as new, and we got them as a set for $900, which was an awesome deal, since brand new they would have been probably twice as much. The girl we bought them from actually turned out to be the cousin of a friend of ours. She was originally asking $1000, but I asked if she would take $900, and she said yes, so they were ours! We've had them for about 2 1/2 years now, and they have worked perfectly! They were one of our first big purchases for the house.
You can see that I added the basket I got for $10 at Marshall's a couple of weeks ago. It was just sitting in my office, so I thought - that should definitely be in the laundry room. It will certainly come in handy in there. The potted plant is a fake one from IKEA. I love the texture of the pot.

I made this sign for the laundry room not too long after I moved in - it helps me remember which settings to choose for towels/bedding and then for clothes. :) I seriously still look at it every time I do the laundry. Haha.

The other day I had the idea to add my DIY skeleton key art to this room, since I still hadn't found a place for it yet. I like it in here for now, since it adds a little more personal touch to the room.

One thing I do like about this room is how sunny and bright it is - There is a screen door, along with three windows in this tiny little space. I can't wait to redo this room and put in some cute little floral curtains, or bamboo blinds (they will probably always be open though!) I would also love to put a wooden top over the washer and dryer (like John and Sherry at Young House Love did in their first house), so it's all one big surface.

Someday I will post "before" pictures of this entire room. Someday. Once I get over the red walls, newspaper on the ceiling, gross cement floors...and once it's in the process of being torn out. Then maybe. :)

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