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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Our Lake Geneva Trip is Getting Closer...

Our Dave tickets came yesterday!! Trent was so excited that he took a picture of every stage of opening them. (I'll just post a couple though and spare you the rest.)

We'll be seeing Dave Matthews Band two nights in a row at Alpine Valley in Wisconsin, 4th of July weekend. (I blogged about this trip in the beginning of March, that's how ready I am for a vacation!) We're kind of huge fans...the ones that go to one of their concerts every single year. Yep, those.

I'm excited to see them in Alpine Valley this year though. We haven't been to that venue yet, and it's supposed to be awesome. I'm also getting excited for the other activities we'll be doing on our little weekend getaway! We leave for Lake Geneva the morning of the Fourth, then hopefully we'll get some time to hang out during the day and watch Fireworks that night. Then Friday and Saturday are the concerts, and Sunday we have a whole day to explore, and it's back to Illinois that night.

Trent's cousin and his wife live in the Lake Geneva area, and they sweetly sent us some information booklets with all sorts of things to do there.

They even tabbed off some pages with little notes. It was the most thoughtful thing! Thanks, Jenny and Dan!

We hope to meet up with them soon after we get there, and have some fun hanging out and maybe kayaking or something on the lake. If I haven't mentioned it already...We're getting excited! 8 Days :)

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