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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's a Hoot

This weekend, I received the ultimate. owl. figurine. collection. Haha. No, really. Most of you know I love owls and sort of collect them (mostly those of the ceramic and adorable variety). Here's some of those little guys I have laying around.

Well, my aunt must have found out I have a thing for owls, and very generously gave me a collection of vintage-y owl figurines:
I know- motherload, right?? I have to say, these guys are pretty darn charming. Probably don't have a place for them...but I might be able to make them work! I haven't decided whether to leave them all au-natural, or spray them with some glossy paint for a more modern look. Kinda like these:

What do you think?  I'd hate to lose all that character and old, vintagey feeling that they have already. But I don't want them to look too tacky. Any outside opinions out there?

Either way, these owl figurines are pretty darn awesome. I took them home and set them all up on one of the end tables in the living room, and Trent walked in and just said something like, "ummm.....No." Haha.

We'll see what the fate of these guys will be....


  1. They would look awesome painted! I have seen them get painted black to put out at Halloween if you think you have too many white ones.


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