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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Trent's New Ride

I didn't have time to blog last night because, well, we were a little busy. Yep, Trent went ahead and bought himself a new truck! 

We didn't know for sure if he'd find one yesterday since it was the first day he went out and looked, but he was smitten with this one from the start. It's a pre-owned 2012 GMC Canyon with just over 11,000 miles, and it's in great condition.

After we had to replace the transmission (not cheap!) on his old truck (Below is from when he got it in 2011)....

....and then the fuel line started leaking, it was clear that we couldn't deal with any more problems on that thing! It was time to get a new vehicle. And he knew he still wanted a smaller truck that could haul the basic things he needed to haul, like a riding mower, home improvement supplies, etc.

So he called me after I got home from work and said this was the one he really wanted, I drove up there, we talked to the finance guy, deliberated for a long time, then finally decided that yes, this is the one. And he is very happy! And I'm happy because he his. It's a nice truck that will hopefully last him a really long time! 

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